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    2017’s Top Blog Posts

    Welcome to 2018 everyone!  If you’re anything like us, you’re looking forward to 2018; to developing your vision, goals, and plans to make it happen!

    Our blog has been an ongoing fantastic resource to business leaders, with more than 150 articles published in the last couple years, covering areas such as leadership, goal setting, corporate culture, operations, business development, technology and more.

    Last year’s top posts focused on two areas: Leadership Development and Growth.

    #5 Uncontrolled Business Growth Can Kill, by Mike Knapp

    I remember hearing an interesting story about this great company, with a great product and a great vision, who got the contract of their dreams. That dream experiences uncontrolled business growth, and it almost killed the company.

    This little company was doing very well selling their products through small retailers and a couple mid-size grocery chains. They were profitable and felt they were ready to make the next step. The contract of their dreams: Costco.

    Their pain: as they tried to scale to meet demand, their costs increased at a greater rate than revenue. At the same time, Costco was driving down their prices.

    The end result: they were losing money on their dream contract, and it almost cost them everything.

    Read the article here.

    #4 Leadership Communications Do’s and Don’ts, by Robert Murray

    The best leaders on the planet are known for being great communicators. They have become skilled at getting messages across to others. Messages about vision, purpose, strategy, direction, projects…. Everything! A great leader can clearly and compellingly explain to ALL members of the team what they want and expect so that everyone can easily follow.

    Interestingly though, you will never hear leaders say certain things.

    Read the article here.

    #3 Would Your Company Profit from a Growth Mindset, by Pascale Hansen

    A mindset is a set of assumptions, methods or ideas held by an individual or exercised by a group that determines what attitude we bring into our daily activities and to work.

    Dividing people into two camps, Stanford University professor Carol Dweck refers to people who view talent as a quality they either possess or lack as having a “fixed mindset” and people with a “growth mindset” in contrast, enjoy challenges, strive to learn and consistently develop new skills.

    Read the article here.

    #2 The Future of Situational Leadership, by Joel Shapiro

    Situational leadership made a major advance in leadership. It helped us move from one size fits all to four major leadership approaches, each suited to a different situation.

    The basic idea is utterly convincing: different situations call for different leadership styles. A beginner needs more coaching support than an expert. An expert can handle more delegation than a beginner. And so on.

    Read the article here.

    #1 A Survey of Best Practices in Leadership Development, by Joel Shapiro

    Here is a summary of 14 articles related to best practices in leadership development (LD). I’m using these summaries to see what’s out there, benchmark my work, and learn a few new things.

    There are many good ideas here for LD, coaching, and training. How do your LD practices compare? Where are your opportunities for improvement? Which will work best for you and your organization?

    I have listed the titles and authors so you can read them for yourself in full if you so choose. I hope you find these summaries thought-provoking, and that they help you move toward some of these best practices in leadership development!

    Read the article here.

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