• Every Business Needs Passion and Beliefs

    This is a guest blog post by marketing and branding strategist Alan Speirs.

    Our businesses have many differences that set us apart from our competition. We can plan, create, and strategize powerful unique factors, but could we be missing the most powerful one?

    All that intellectual effort glosses over the most important tool of attraction: a central belief system. From the visionaries to the team in the trenches, if we share the same beliefs, we are more likely to succeed in achieving our wildest expectations.

    However, do we all really share the same belief system? Have we fostered this it in such a manner that our passion can be the magnet that will attract our proposition to our relevant suitors?

    The Greatest Brand and Marketing Story Ever Told: The Bible…?

    True, it is the most successful “non-fiction” book of all-time. For this moment, let’s look at it as a business.

    In its most common form, collated and published over 1500 years ago, we have a body of stories, created by a handful of individuals with some powerful core beliefs.  They passionately believed that in sharing these beliefs, they would create a better world.

    From those beliefs, the authors formed a tribe unlike no other.

    Passion Sells

    When we look at business strategy, we do a SWOT analysis, carefully craft our business plans and work hard to formulate a successful equation for business success.

    Now, reflect on some of the most successful brands and businesses of all time.  Were they driven by passion and beliefs, or by a something more tangible, like a catchy phrase or product?

    Everyone knows we need a clean and succinct message when it comes to branding and marketing. But what really sells a brand is your story, belief, and passion.

    It is that authentic and true belief that sets you aside from any the competition.

    The world has changed. Culturally, we have shifted from Baby Boomers through Gen X/Y and Millennials.  It’s now the Connected Generation, a generation of people deeply connected to their networks with an abundance of options and resources.

    It has never been more important to create passion and emotional engagement in business.

    When your beliefs align with those around you and are ignited by your passion, trust is created and your tribe grows.

    Authentic Branding: Make It Happen!

    How do you do this? Start your planning with Simon Sinek’s golden circle:

    • What – What are you trying to solve?
    • Why – Why do you exist? What is your passion and belief system?
    • How – How do you solve it?


    Simple, logical and the most understated tool of an authentic successful branding and marketing strategy is the creation of your own central belief system. All your branding and messaging should come from this belief system.

    Once that’s in place, the strategy becomes much simpler.

    Alan Speirs has spent 30 years delivering it through marketing and branding.  He helps forge lasting stories that connect businesses to their community through passion and beliefs. Connect with him by email.

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