• Being Goal-Focused Does Not Work

    The starting gun fires, and the racers are off their blocks.  Throughout the race, the lead changes hands until eventually a lead pack emerges.  With only a lap to go, that pack becomes smaller, with only two or three maintaining the winning pace…

    One racer breaks free and it looks like the race is his.  But then as he approaches the finish line, he slows.  He reaches for the finish line, knowing the race is his, only to have another competitor blow past in, running far beyond the finish line.

    Have you seen this before?  It’s the difference between focusing on a goal vs. focusing on the right process.  For that first racer, the goal was the finish line.  Whereas the goal of the second runner was to run the race to the best of his best ability.  The result, the second runner won the race.

    It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a race, or a project sprint, or even achieving a sales goal.  If our focus is solely on reaching the goal, then the homestretch will be the hardest part.

    Why does this happen?  We can talk about pacing and about physical exertion, but in our information-based world, it’s more about the brain and mind.  When we focus on something, our mind goes to it.  If it’s an end point, our mind slows down as we approach, and stops there.  Mind leads body – so it stops too.  When we stop, we have to fight inertia to get started again.

    Don’t get me wrong.. goals are a good thing!  They get us focused and they give us something to achieve and celebrate.

    But, what if we changed the goal concept?

    Goals aren’t endpoints, they are milestones on the path to your ultimate success (however you define it).  Focus on the right process to achieve the ultimate success and surpassing your goals (the results) will naturally occur.

    Your mind doesn’t stop at each step as it’s focused on the right thing.  You build momentum with each goal, not fight inertia to get started over and over again.

    Mike is a problem solver, technology guru and project superhero.  As a partner at Incrementa Consulting, his focus is on leveraging technology and great processes to grow your business.  You can connect with Mike on Twitter or read more of his thoughts on the Incrementa website.  He is also a meditation instructor with the Vancouver Ki Society.

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