• Building Your New Business: The Keys to Execution! 

    You’ve started down the road to being an entrepreneur. Your vision is clear.  You’ve written your business plan.  Now it’s time to make money!  Only you don’t actually have a business yet – you have a dream. The difference between a dreamer and a successful entrepreneur is their ability for execution.

    Step 1: Get Organized

    There can literally be hundreds, if not thousands of tasks surrounding the launch of your new business.  Tasks can range from incorporating the new business, trademarking through product and service and product development. Even if you’re working on your own, keeping track of the tasks is vital to ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

    As an experienced project manager and entrepreneur, I can’t stress the importance of leveraging tools to get organized enough.

    When we started Incrementa, we had a detailed spreadsheet with hundreds of tasks listed.  This was our bible as we prepared to launch.  Everyone knew what they had to do at every step of the way.  There are far better tools today for tracking tasks and collaborating with your team.  Tools like TrelloAsana, and Wrike will make you more successful at getting organized and executing on your dream.

    Step 2: Align to your Vision

    When we were building Incrementa, we always had our vision in mind.  We had a picture of who and what we would be throughout.  It helped us align the minutiae to the bigger picture and drove our decision making process.  This saved us from having to redo tasks many times.

    Suddenly the scope of our tasks became more clear.  Incorporating?  We had to make sure the company structure would match our long term needs. Marketing plan? Our vision was clear, so we could design our marketing plan and be 100% on brand.

    Step 3: Set Clear Expectations

    There’s executing on tasks, then there’s executing on tasks.

    How you execute on tasks becomes part of your culture and brand.  Do you execute half-heartedly, or to perfection, not missing a detail?

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a one or 10-person team, expectations should always be clear and the team accountable to meeting them.  Having been a solo-consultant for more than a decade, I’d say it’s even more important for a one-person team as it’s easy to be lazy and cut corners “because it’s just me”.

    Being successful and meeting expectations builds confidence and trust within a team and defines an important part of your brand.

    … and now Execute!

    If you’ve followed the simple steps, hopefully you’re organized, aligned with your short and long term vision, clear on expectations and ready to fly.  It’s time to execute.

    Go forth, kick butt and be immensely successful.  As you go, check in with us, we’d love to hear your success story!

    Mike is a problem solver, technology guru and project superhero.  As a partner at Incrementa Consulting, his focus is on leveraging technology and great processes to grow your business.  You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn or Twitter or read more of his thoughts on the Incrementa website.

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