Leadership Development – CDRD & CVI

The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) is focused on translating commercially promising health research into new therapies that improve and save lives. CVI the commercialization vehicle of CDRD. Both organizations hired the team at Incrementa to help with leadership development.

Leadership Development Project

Over five months, provided leadership development for the for-profit and not for profit leadership teams (CDRD & CVI) including the most senior leadership followed by 1:1 coaching for each leader. The learning included a focus on leading change, appreciative inquiry and strengths, coaching for performance. In addition, provided team development for CVI’s leadership and extended team to build clarity in roles and harness the team members’ strengths.


I have worked with Erica over the course of a year largely around leadership development in a team setting as well as through one on one coaching.

Erica was well prepared, engaged the group such that participants soon felt comfortable to participate, and delivered on the desired outcomes. I found Erica to be insightful, thoughtful, drawing from her deep experience in working with teams to help our group come to a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities they were experiencing in the work place.

As for my individual experience, Erica showed the same insight and was pleasant to work with even though we were covering some challenging areas for change. She was able to provide additional resources that helped me to develop a deeper understanding of what I dealing with and how I might overcome the hurdles.”

Natalie Dakers, CEO for CVI

I have worked with Erica over the last year both in a team setting in a leadership development program and on an individual basis through one-on-one coaching. I believe our leadership team has greatly strengthened enabling significant growth for us as a team. On a personal level, Erica enabled me to identify areas within myself that speaks to my own driving forces. Understanding my individual drivers has enabled me to better understand my reactions to specific circumstances and allows me to better navigate my way through uncomfortable situations. I would wholeheartedly recommend Erica’s approach to leadership training and personal coaching.”

Edie Dullaghan, Head, Target Validation Center for Drug & Research & Development (CDRD)

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