Leadership Development Coaching – Acculogix

Acculogix is a Canadian-based third-party logistics distributor of magazines and books, servicing over 10,000 retailers in Western Canada, and providing end-to-end solutions to their customers. They hired the team at Incrementa to assist with leadership development coaching to help improve collaborative practice, team leadership, and facilitative leadership.

Leadership Development Coaching Project

Joel was engaged to design and facilitate a leadership development program to improve collaborative practice, team leadership, and facilitative leadership. In addition to the action learning program for the senior leadership team, he supplied a “Quick Meetings” guide that included 20 important discussions the leaders could hold with their teams for ongoing development across the organization.


Definitely we hit the ball out of the park! For the coming months I will still be getting mileage out of [the] project. You may be happy to hear that Team Charters have been adopted throughout the facility [as well as] the “quick meetings” work you completed… We are seeing some great things from this and in fact had a record productivity in our Q1.”

Brent Wright, General Manager, Acculogix Distribution Services

I found the whole weekend to be the best one we have ever had and I was very impressed with the overall content and how well the team worked together. “


It was a wonderful weekend, and the course with Joel was better than any previous courses that I have attended. Joel was very good at keeping us on task, while being funny and applicable. “


I was extremely impressed with the content and overall workshop. Our team is good but I am looking forward to becoming great. Facilitation ideas are great; also looking forward to using ideas. Thank you. “


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