• Every World-Class Leader Must Exceed In Communication

    Most of the problems businesses and organizations face today are relatively easy to fix…  At the top of the list is communication.

    And leaders lead the way when it comes to communication issues.

    It seems so basic to all of us.  As senders of a message (in whatever form it may be – verbal, written, email, etc.) know what we want to say crystal clear in our minds.  Yet, somehow, we end up getting results that are far from our expectations.  Most leaders I see will then point the finger at the receiver of the message as the one to blame, when they should be looking in the mirror.

    Try this very simple exercise with your team or group of friends to see what most communication in businesses that are struggling look like…

    • Give everyone a single piece of 8.5 x 11 inch paper (A4 size in Europe)
    • Give your team or group the following instructions.  Do not explain more than what is written here.  Do not answer any questions…
      • Fold the paper in half and tear off a top corner
      • Fold it in half again and tear off the top corner
      • Fold it in half again and tear off the left corner
      • Rotate the paper to the right three times and tear off the bottom corner
      • Fold it half again and tear off the middle piece.
    • Ask everyone to open up their papers to reveal the results.  You should see a myriad of wildly different looking snowflake designs however, like snowflakes in winter, not one will look the same.


    Why is it that even though everyone received the same directions, not everyone had the same outcome?

    What would have changed if you would have allowed the group to ask questions?

    In the real world, have you ever had someone deliver something different than what you expected?  How did you deal with it.

    There is so much we can do as leaders to improve the communication in our companies, teams, with our customers, vendors and every other stakeholder. Effective communications lead to better cultures (happy and engaged employees), better planning and execution, satisfied customers and world class results.  And it starts with you!  As a leader, a coach, a teacher or a parent, if you are not getting what you expect, YOU are probably the reason.

    Robert Murray is a Business Strategy Consultant, partner at Incrementa Consulting Inc., #1 Best Selling Author, and International Keynote Speaker. For further advice, insight and inspiration on how to unlock your inner leader, follow Robert on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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