• Completed Projects This Quarter

    Here is a list of Incrementa’s completed projects over the past quarter. We’ve been thrilled with the opportunity to work with healthcare, public sector, retail, non-profit, manufacturing industries. Thank you for your confidence in us.

    Improved Traffic Flow and Merchandising

    Assessed store layout and merchandising approach for a hard goods retail store to identify opportunities to improve traffic flow and merchandise presentation. This contributed to increased revenues through improved traffic flow, increased shelf space, merchandise presentation and sales during the critical Christmas season.

    Strategic Planning

    Assisted Camp Kerry Society, a non-profit grief counselling and family bereavement camp and retreat organization, in developing and executing a strategic plan for the repositioning of their Thrift Store. Adoption of our recommendations resulted in increased sales 4-fold in the first month year over year realizing profits and becoming a major contributor of Society funding. Check out Camp Kerry’s at campkerry.org and Kerry’s Thrift Boutique, 480 E. Columbia Street in New Westminster, B.C. next time you’re in the neighbourhood “it’s a different kind of thrift store.”

    Ready to Make an Educated Decision – ERP

    We facilitated the requirements analysis ERP selection process for a small manufacturer, focusing on streamlining their paper-centric operation.  The result – a leadership team poised to make an educated decision on an ERP system that will streamline their business for years to come.

    Organization Structure & Change

    A Purchasing Division review identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunity for improvement. The review included a comprehensive maturity assessment measured against procurement best practices and involved feedback from key internal clients and purchasing division management and staff. Our collaborative approach resulted in acceptance of recommended Organizational structure changes and implementation road map for change tailored to the unique needs and culture of the organization.

    Understanding Their ‘Why’ – Personal Branding Retreat

    A 2-day Executive retreat with 11 senior leaders building team synergy and commitments, working through issues, building on their corporate identify and culture and learning about one another’s personal brands and key strengths to lever as a team and developing key messaging around their “Why” as a way to connect to their brand.

    Team Synergy & Alignment Retreats

    Working with a University’s senior leadership team to help hone in on their team synergy, build a connection to their values, link to their strategic focus and intent and create alignment amongst quite disparate functional areas.

    With new VP leadership and a desire to create a compelling case for change and align the portfolio, led a group of 150 employees through a one-day session with the theme being organizational change, bridging the past to the present, honouring their divisions and work to date and creating dialogue to break down silos and encourage collaboration between the different portfolio divisions.

    Old School, Meet New technology

    We helped a local retail store move from their old cash register to a fully-integrated POS system, automating their inventory management, purchasing and accounting processes.  This new system will significantly reduce back-office cost and ensure the right inventory is on the shelves at all times.

    Landmines Avoided, ERP Selected

    Our team led Werkmaster through the often-challenging process of selecting their new ERP system.  Following a clear process, the team quickly evaluated a range of vendors before selecting a product they feel will be a great fit for their organization.

    Leadership Advance Program

    A three day Leadership Advance program for 45 general managers building upon integration within their organization, learning more about each other and leveraging their expertise, communication, emotional intelligence, values-based leadership and versatility of leadership, systems thinking, organizational culture and engagement and Myers Briggs Personality types. Feedback from a participant:

    “I really enjoyed the leadership academy session facilitated by Bob & Erica.  I liked the personal branding information as it made me think about who I am and how I move through my work and home life with the same values.  I felt comfortable with the way you led the room and presented your authentic selves over the three days.  And, I felt safe to express and to join in discussion, or not.  Thank you for teaching us what I believe is necessary: communication that empowers us to achieve greater empathy for others, maintaining our personal integrity in a way that is consistent with our deepest values”

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