• Creating a Business – The True Entrepreneur

    Having created and run several businesses from scratch, beginning with a gift basket business after graduating university in the 1990’s to running several consulting practices, I have accepted the fact that I am not only a professional leadership consultant but I am sales, marketing, admin, bookkeeper, graphic artist, leader, employee, advisor, educator, and even the bank – in other words I am an entrepreneur.

    You may specialize in something magnificent, and you may be known for that unique contribution, but to make your business truly successful, be prepared to wear multiple hats on any given day, at any given time. Be willing to steer your ship through turbulence while also maintaining a calm leadership presence. This is the art of being an effective entrepreneurial leader.

    It’s always exciting in the “Dream Stage” of building a business. Walt Disney started with a dream and blue sky’d what his company could be. He knew he had to ground his idea into a practical, grounded world (i.e., he created plans and documented it) and then he became the critic looking at his plan through critical eyes and asking himself; “what could go wrong here; where are the gaps?” and then, plugged in those gaps. Dreaming big is important and exciting as you create your business. Just be sure to ground your dream into plans and actions and step back, pause and bring a critical lens as you build.

    As you delve into this unknown, allow for the time it takes to create a business, be prepared to take mitigated risks, draw on your courage, access your creativity, be persistent (always), bring strategic thinking, your passion, compassion and patience.

    Good luck and have fun with it!

    Labelled Tinkerbell and Mighty Mouse by colleagues and clients, Erica is a culture catalyst and leadership mentor. She engages teams, supports them through change and empowers them to be at their best.  Connect with Erica on Twitter, the Incrementa website, or her personal site

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