• Drive Customer Experience with Positive Interactions

    Have you ever had a customer experience that really stuck with you? Made you feel important? Made you smile? Made you want to go back? And tell all your friends?

    These stand out customer experiences are critical to differentiating your brand.

    And yet, they’re rare.

    The other day, I had one of those customer experiences in the most unexpected of places. The fast-food drive through. Here I am at one of the worst (for my body) commodity sales there is… Finding myself smiling over the great interaction. Let’s call the gentleman taking my order Leo.

    Leo was amazingly positive and upbeat. He talked to me like a friend, not just a guy ordering another burger. He went beyond and checked if I wanted a couple extra napkins.

    I could hear the difference in the kitchen too. Leo called out my order, and the kitchen responded happily. He was creating positive interactions everywhere he touched, even during their busy lunch rush.

    His happiness was infectious and impacting my customer experience.

    Is Leo changing the culture of that little restaurant? Absolutely. When was the last time you heard happiness in a fast food kitchen? I’d bet his co-workers are more engaged, productive, and the quality of their work is better.

    “Clearly, there aren’t enough positive moments or interactions happening in the workplace. As a result, our economy suffers, companies suffer, and individual relationships suffer.” – Tom Rath

    Did it change my buying habit? Yes. There’s two fast food chains side by side, and I’d go back to the one where I had a positive interaction. Maybe the burger wasn’t quite as good, but the customer experience was amazing.

    What’s your customer experience like? Is your team creating outstanding positive experiences at every opportunity?

    Mike is a Technology Strategist, Project Superhero and Cyber-Security Simplifier.  He is a partner at Incrementa Consulting a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses be more successful. You can connect with Mike on Twitter, LinkedIn or the Incrementa website.

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