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    Cybersecurity: We’re at war, we’re losing, we need Simple Security

    The Cybersecurity Threat

    Last year I did an open Q&A on Cybersecurity for a group of CEOs. The room was filled with scared faces and stories of attacks. Every time I run into something like this, I hang my head a little.

    We, as security experts, are expected to be the front lines in the war. Instead, we’re often part of the problem.

    The world we’re trying to protect is complex. New attack vectors and threats emerge daily. The battlefield is changing constantly. Security professionals need to be smart, fast and talented to keep up.

    But even with all their skills and knowledge sometimes there comes a disconnect. Focusing solely on technology and solutions misses the most important part: simplifying and communicating what’s happening in the war to everyone else.

    This is a war that’s not only fought on the front lines – everyone is involved.

    Simple Security

    That’s why I’ve launched Simple Security – a website dedicated to reducing the techno-babble and complexity from security; explaining in plain English what you need to do to protect your business.

    The stakes are too high to be ignorant when it comes to the security of your business.  Business owners need to understand what’s happening and be actively managing their risks.

    We will still be posting some security articles here on the Incrementa website. For more information about how to protect your business from the top security risks, sign up for the Simple Security mailing list or read our blog there regularly.

    Mike Knapp is an IT Project Superhero and Cyber-Security Simplifier with the goals of helping business be more successful and reducing the risk of cyber-attacks. He is a partner with Incrementa Consulting and the founder of Simple Security.

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