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    Strengthening the Weakest Link: Everyone Should be Security-Aware

    Over the last several years, security technologies, such as anti-virus products and firewalls have improved dramatically, providing businesses with good protection. Yet, the number of businesses who are not security-aware, and therefore the victims of cyber attacks, increases annually.

    The bad guys have learned. There’s only a limited number of weaknesses when companies invest in the right technology and have good processes. You wouldn’t ram your head into a wall repeatedly, so why expect the bad guys to do that? They go for the weakness in your defenses. The people.

    Attacks against people are the most prevalent method. Statistics and studies around the Internet paint a grim picture:

    • 30% of phishing emails get opened
    • 90% of the phishing emails contained ransomware
    • 33% of companies have been the victim of CEO fraud (spear phishing or BEC attacks)
    • The number of data breaches increased by 40% in 2016 to more than 4.2 billion records
    • 123456 is still the most popular password. Seriously.

    I’ve talked (some may say ranted upon a soapbox) about how it’s time that our companies change from being a victim to being more security-aware and active in their defense.

    A vital step is to start combating those statistics by training everyone in our businesses about security.  Staff needs to understand how to recognize a phishing attack, to be more aware of fraud and other threats, and to understand their roles when it comes to security.

    Offering training so that everyone is security-aware is a vital, high-ROI piece of the security puzzle.

    Imagine not being part of the 33% of companies who fall victim to CEO fraud, because your team recognizes the attempt.  Or you don’t get ransomware because they delete the phishing email that gets past your spam filter.

    The team at Simple Security has been doing in-person security training for clients for more than a decade.  We’ve distilled our experience into our new online program.

    Each annual user subscription includes:

    • Key security elements, de-geeked and made simple for everyone to understand
    • Short, focused modules on key security areas including data security, passwords, phishing and other email scams, ransomware and social engineering
    • Real-world stories to show applications of key concepts
    • Access to regular live security webinars and other training materials
    • Testing to ensure comprehension
    • Available in our system, your training system, or live (location dependent)

    We want to make the world a safer place

    Simple Security was created with the goal of harnessing our passion for security to make the world a safer place.

    More than 60% of victims are small businesses.  This number is increasing because SMBs generally don’t have the skills, tools, and budgets to protect themselves. We’re changing that.

    Our security awareness training program is specifically targeted for SMBs.  We’ve removed the barriers to entry – no complex setup or features that need a security specialist to use.  Just the knowledge your team needs to protect themselves at a price point you can afford.

    Corporate pricing is available.  Contact us for details.

    Solutions for IT service providers

    Are you an IT service provider or MSP?  If so, security awareness training should be something you offer your users.  Fewer victims means happier clients and fewer incidents for you to manage.

    Contact us to find out about our white-label solution and partner program.

    Mike Knapp is an IT Project Superhero and Cyber-Security Simplifier with the goals of helping business be more successful and reducing the risk of cyber-attacks. He is a partner with Incrementa Consulting and the founder of Simple Security.

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