• The Future of the Manufacturing Industry

    The manufacturing industry is poised for its next revolution.  Just as it was with the industrial revolution, technology is once again changing the rules.  Are you ready to keep up?

    3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

    Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is the ultimate next step for manufacturers.

    Imagine turning prototypes around in hours, not weeks.  Printing parts to ensure fit.  Even printing a pizza or your afternoon snack

    With the technology improving daily, the only real limit is your imagination.

    The Connected Manufacturing Floor

    Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) devices create a smart manufacturing system.  It uses intelligent software, real-time data gathering, analysis and machine communications protocols to optimize the efficiency of a production floor.

    It is also being used to gather sensor data in the field.  Imagine predicting failures or quality issues before a customer ever knows.

    Software Analytics and Big Data

    With the evolution of connected technologies comes a wealth of data.  The manufacturing floor can provide real-time data on just about everything, from cycle times to efficiency rates to quality data.  Industrial IoT devices can provide any type of sensor readings for just about any process.

    When all this data is captured, it’s often referred to as Big Data.  While there can be an overwhelming amount of it, using the right analytics tools, this data can give valuable insights into your operations.

    Imagine being able to see issues with a production batch, and make adjustments, as it happens. Or being able to schedule your production floor for peak efficiency.  Or being able to predict machine maintenance (or failures) before needed.

    It Comes at a Price: The Threats

    While this technology and connectivity can do amazing things for manufacturing business, it creates a massive opportunity for cyber-criminals.
    As the manufacturing floor becomes more connected, either through IoT or through software-managed processes such as newer CnC and 3d printing, the more temptation there is for cyber-criminals.

    The need for a sound security strategy has never been greater.  Imagine a hacker getting access to your production floor and shutting down production, risking health and safety, or changing instructions to a machine (without you knowing).

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    Mike is a Technology Strategist, Project Superhero and Cyber-Security Simplifier.  He is a partner at Incrementa Consulting a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses be more successful. You can connect with Mike on Twitter, LinkedIn or the Incrementa website.

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