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    Give Your Corporate Values a Renovation

    Does your organization have the corporate values written down?  Are they posted?  Probably on the Boardroom wall or in the Reception area, right? They probably say things like; Integrity, Respect, Communication, Excellence, Customer, etc. Right?

    In October of 2001, the leaders of Enron in Texas were indicted for Fraud after it was exposed that they used shady accounting practices to hide billions of dollars in debt from failed deals and projects.  Many went to jail.  In total, investors lost over $40B.  In Enron’s Boardroom were the framed corporate values of: “Integrity, Communication, Respect, and Excellence.”

    Corporate Values are more than words on the wall

    In fact, the best organizations in the world bring them to life.  They revere behaviors and actions by team members that are living the values.  The values are written in statements that people can get, so it is easy to live them.  Simply putting the word “integrity” on the wall means different things to different people.  Whereas, writing: “You always do the right thing for our team, our customers, and our shareholders,” people get loud and clear.

    Bring your values to life

    If you want to jump into the minority 3% of leaders that are being disruptive and making a huge difference in the world, I urge you to join the Values Revolution.  Bring your values to life by stating them in a way that people understand them.  Next, make your values part of your everyday communications.  Finally, and most importantly, always ensure that you yourself are living the values (walk-the-talk).  As a leader, the level of trust and respect adorned on you by your team is directly proportionate to your behaviour (so are your long-term results).

    Robert Murray is a Vancouver, BC based Business Strategy Consultant, partner at Incrementa Consulting Inc., #1 Best Selling Author, and International Keynote Speaker. For further advice, insight and inspiration on how to unlock your inner leader, follow Robert on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

    The audio version of Bob’s #1 best seller It’s Already Inside is now available on Audible.

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