• February Means It’s Time To Be Executing Your Plans

    It’s February already and by now everyone is heads down working on achieving the goals and objectives laid out in their company strategic plan that was reviewed and revised in the fall of 2015………………or not. This is the time of year to be executing your plans full out; the planning meetings should be put to bed unless you are in a business that lives or dies on the last six weeks of the year to be profitable. In that case, January is for analysis and February is for solidifying the plan with a little crystal balling mixed in.

    The first quarter can be the most engaging time of year for employees. All it really takes is a little pre-planning with a collaborative approach to setting goals and objectives. The old school method of driving goals, targets, and operational changes from the top down is not the way to engage the workforce of today. Engaging in a cross functional team approach will help get the buy in needed to achieve the desired results.

    There is not a lot going on to distract the work force in January, February, and March in the Northern Hemisphere. Outside of Valentine’s Day, which I urge all men and women to pay attention to if you are serious about a relationship and a possible family day, if you live in Canada… that’s it for the next 3 months. Now is a good time to attend to the culture you want to create in the organization. Find ways to build a work community and make it fun to come to work. Employees will appreciate it, loyalty will improve, and they will work harder and longer.

    Chris is dedicated to helping businesses grow and flourish by unlocking the power and strengths within them.  He is a dynamic operations expert with over 35 years of experience in a diverse range of business environments. For more information on Chris, check out LinkedIn, Incrementa Website and Twitter.

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