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    Do I Really Need to Set Goals?

    ‘I Have No Time for Setting Goals’

    When I am coaching other executives, I often hear them say to me that they focus hard on setting direction for the business and governing the plan. However, they often confess to not setting personal goals. When I ask, “why not?” they answer: “I don’t have time for that.”

    Time is a huge restraint for most of us.  With so much to do day in and day out, how could we possibly work a plan for ourselves???

    Ask yourself this: “What if you had a health crisis with a family member?”  Or, “what if a tree fell on your house?”  Would you have time to deal with that?  The answer is always: “Yes, of course.”  So you do have time… you just don’t want to spend it on setting goals.

    Make the Time

    It’s funny how we can always find time to solve a personal crisis’ but we fail to carve out time for ourselves.  Our health.  Our relationships.  Our financial well-being.  To read a good book.  To take a course.  To go to the gym.

    Setting goals for ourselves also serves to psychologically benefit us individually.  Having personal goals is a great way to connect with yourself and your real inner desires.  Being true to yourself is the best way to be able to be in control and choose your path.  Even CEO’s that I work with will tell me they often feel they have no control over their own path.

    Goals enable us to know what we truly want in life.   Goals guide us towards happiness and they give us control.  Goals enable us to recognize growth in ourselves.  Without goals, no matter who you are, you will be marching to someone else’s plan.  And, you may not like the journey they take you on.

    Robert Murray is a Vancouver, BC based Business Strategy Consultant, partner at Incrementa Consulting Inc., #1 Best Selling Author, and International Keynote Speaker. For further advice, insight and inspiration on how to unlock your inner leader, follow Robert on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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