• Robert Murray Speaks at TEDxBCIT

    Incrementa’s partner Robert Murray is a #1 Bestselling Author, a Global Speaker and a Business Leader who tells stories that help people find the keys to unlock the innate leader they have within themselves.

    Robert speaks to:

    • Inspiring teams to reach deeper
    • Transformational change leadership
    • How to win in a chaotic, hyper competitive world
    • Keeping leadership, strategy and business simple, in a complicated world
    • Leadership Lessons from: Terry Fox, NASA, Formula One, Mount Kilimanjaro, Billy Idol
    • Values based leadership: what I learned from being arrested in the Hong Kong Airport
    • Running with grizzly bears, and the dangers of instantly judging people
    • Listening: the coolest strategy ever!
    • ‘The Magic Question!’ – the most powerful question a leader in business can use today to stimulate creativity, facilitate problem solving and develop strategy…
    • Strategy secrets of the world’s most successful organizations
    • How to avoid chasing shiny objects


    Watch as Robert Murray tells us about the “Magic Question” at TEDxBCIT:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 7.42.05 AM

    Want Bob to speak at your event? Email: info@robert-murray.com.

    Robert, as a keynote speaker, provides his audience with a unique brand of story telling that will inspire your team and your business to go further, dig deeper and care more passionately about themselves, the business, their teammates and your customers. He speaks from experience, he speaks from the heart, and he keeps it simple. He includes everyone on the team, and makes sure everyone is getting the message.

    When you choose Robert Murray you’re making the safe choice. He is a world-renowned author, speaker and business leader who “gets it” and understands how to connect deeply with everyone he meets. He understands, through experience, what works and what does not, to get teams motivated, moving forward and reaching for their full potential. Robert strongly believes that everyone has the potential to be great locked within them and they just need a bit of help to find the key.

    Bob’s funky crazy socks are an icon to show that businesses and leaders need to be constantly evolving and pushing hard in order to be remarkable, but at the same time, build cultures that engage and enlighten their people. He is viewed by his peers as someone who has a proven track record, can be trusted to always do the right thing, and always has the best interest of those around him in mind. Bob delivers his messages clearly and yields results that merit gratitude, satisfaction, and teams wanting more.

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