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Incrementa Live: Unleash the Untapped Power of Brand and Culture

Brand should not be a marketing exercise. Done right, it’s the strategic definition of who your business is and why it exists. This is your soul, not just your marketing face.

With this foundation in place, carrying that message clearly throughout your team is the key to developing a powerful, healthy and aligned culture. After all, […]

4 Steps to Managing Conflict

Picture this….
Employee (raised voice): “There is STILL favoritism from certain managers to certain employees. You said you were going to be able to stop it!  It’s as bad as it’s ever been!  What are you going to do about it?”
Me (calm and quiet voice): “Are we fighting?”
Employee (confused): “No, why?”
Me (smiles): “Oh good, I just […]

Would Your Company Profit from a Growth Mindset Culture?

This is a guest blog post by FX Risk Consultant Pascale Hansen.
The Difference Between a Fixed and Growth Mindset Culture
A mindset is a set of assumptions, methods or ideas held by an individual or exercised by a group that determines what attitude we bring into our daily activities and to work.
Dividing people into two camps, […]

21 Best Practices in Leadership Development

Leadership Development is Important
Research and experience show that the quality of leadership affects employee effort and productivity; the ability to attract and retain talent; customer service and retention; profitability and market capitalization. Leadership development, done well, is a powerful way to build talent, unlock the potential of your people, improve individual and organizational performance, and […]

Leadership Development and Team Building — Gandhi & Patton

Gandhi and Patton. Two compelling movies about two great leaders. You couldn’t imagine two people with more different personality styles and roles – one soft spoken and the other brash; one a political leader committed to non-violence and the other a great military leader. There is a lot to learn from each leader individually, and […]

Team Building in “Remember the Titans” & “Invictus”

This blog discusses two great movies: Remember the Titans and Invictus. These movies offer us great opportunities to think about leadership, integrity, overcoming adversity, change management, merging cultures, team building, and taking the high road. I am just going to share a few question for you to think about after enjoying the films.
Culture and Team […]

EQ Through a Different Lens

As a leader, I’m sure that you have heard lots about Emotional Intelligence, also known as EQ.  A lot of leaders that I work with will even roll their eyes when I bring up EQ.  They tell me that they’re tired of hearing about it. But there’s a reason we need to talk about EQ…
Get […]

Planting an EPIC Culture

Peter F. Drucker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Spot on! However, a lot of executives and leaders I have worked with have struggled to understand what that means. Their lack of understanding is not their fault; they have been classically trained in business Schools all over the world to think and act logically, based […]

Holistic Cycle of Strategic Planning & Execution

A good plan is nothing without execution. How do planning and execution fit together? Here is a useful map of the strategy cycle that shows how all the major pieces fit together.
I find the map to be especially helpful in clarifying where culture fits into the big picture—how important culture is both to planning and […]

Organizational Culture In Everyday Business Language

Organizational culture has an enormous impact on employee engagement, customer service, and business performance. There are many complex and sophisticated methods for analyzing organizational culture—I use some of them myself. But culture is an important business issue, and leaders should be able to discuss it in everyday, normal-course, business language—relatively free of technical HR jargon.
Here […]

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