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Free Security Awareness Training for Non-Profits

This article was originally published on Simple Security’s website.  Read the original article here.
Incrementa’s sister-company, Simple Security, is ecstatic to announce our support for non-profits and charities – we’re making our online Security Awareness Training free to qualifying non-profits and charities forever.
Why? Simple: we want to make an impact and help other make their impact.
The Threat
What would happen to your […]

Breaches Are The New Norm

I was having a great chat with the CEO of a financial firm shortly after the Equifax data breach. He asked me if I was surprised by breaches like this one.
My answer was, “sadly no.”
Why? We’re in an incredibly awkward and painful time where breaches are the norm. It’s like being a teenager, with zits […]

Wannacry Post-Mortem: Lessons for MSPs

This article was originally published on Simple Security’s website.  Read the original article here.
Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to do a post-mortem and see what lessons can be learned from the Wannacry outbreak.
Do we really understand the risk?
If you categorize Wannacry as simple ransomware, the impact wasn’t as bad as other outbreaks. […]

Strengthening the Weakest Link: Everyone Should be Security-Aware

Over the last several years, security technologies, such as anti-virus products and firewalls have improved dramatically, providing businesses with good protection. Yet, the number of businesses who are not security-aware, and therefore the victims of cyber attacks, increases annually.
The bad guys have learned. There’s only a limited number of weaknesses when companies invest in the […]

How to Stop Ransomware

This article was originally published on Simple Security’s website.  Read the original article here.
Ransomware is one of the biggest cyber threats to businesses.  It’s one that can’t be ignored unless you want to live with its potentially devastating effects.  Thankfully, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of infection and be ready […]

Cybersecurity: We’re at war, we’re losing, we need Simple Security

The Cybersecurity Threat
Last year I did an open Q&A on Cybersecurity for a group of CEOs. The room was filled with scared faces and stories of attacks. Every time I run into something like this, I hang my head a little.
We, as security experts, are expected to be the front lines in the war. Instead, […]

5 Easy, High Value Ways to Bolster Your IT Security

Find the original post here.
Every day, the headlines fill your customers with fear.  Companies shut down by ransomware. Hackers breaching defenses and stealing sensitive data.  Reputational attacks against businesses.  It’s overwhelming, massively stressful, and driving business leaders to ask what they need to do to reduce their risk.
What can a business do today to reduce […]

How the Cyber-Grinch Stole Christmas

He’s a mean one, Mr. Cyber-Grinch,
He really is a heel!
He’s here to steal Christmas,
And infect you as part of the deal!
His scams, they often catch
When for your tracking number you watch,
Or when you click on a link in an email
And to a fake website you dovetail.
Before you click on that link, just wait! 
Is it real […]

October’s Massive Cyber Attack: What You Need to Know

Last month there was a major Internet outage due to a cyber attack that affected many popular sites including Twitter, Spotify, Etsy, Shopify and more.  The downtime was caused by a (get ready for the jargon) distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against DYN DNS (one of the biggest DNS providers) enabled by a horde […]

Are You Worried About Cyber-Security? It’s time to kill the password.

Passwords. Everyone hates passwords. I can’t remember them all, so I’ll just use one. Make me use a complex password? I’ll just write it on a sticky note. Make me change it regularly?  Another sticky-note. I just want to use one password… everywhere. Cyber-Security, what is it anyway?
Passwords are a weak link in any cyber-security program. 
Users will always […]

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