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Supercharge your Business with These Tech Tools

Over the last several years, a huge number of great technologies and applications with the potential to transform a business have reached the market. Some of these tech tools have been a great success, others not so much.
To help navigate this maze of products, we reached out to several tech leaders and asked them for […]

14 Strategies for Networking Success

This is a guest blog post by FX Risk Consultant Pascale Hansen.
Relationships form the core of our human lives. No one has ever been successful alone, which is why networking is so important. Networking is essential to personal and professional success; as who you know always matters.  If someone you know and trust recommends you […]

Do I Really Need to Set Goals?

‘I Have No Time for Setting Goals’
When I am coaching other executives, I often hear them say to me that they focus hard on setting direction for the business and governing the plan. However, they often confess to not setting personal goals. When I ask, “why not?” they answer: “I don’t have time for that.”
Time […]

21 Best Practices in Leadership Development

Leadership Development is Important
Research and experience show that the quality of leadership affects employee effort and productivity; the ability to attract and retain talent; customer service and retention; profitability and market capitalization. Leadership development, done well, is a powerful way to build talent, unlock the potential of your people, improve individual and organizational performance, and […]

A Survey of Best Practices in Leadership Development

Here is a summary of 14 articles related to best practices in leadership development (LD). I’m using these summaries to see what’s out there, benchmark my work, and learn a few new things.
There are many good ideas here for LD, coaching, and training. How do your LD practices compare? Where are your opportunities for improvement? […]

A Guide to Personal Branding

You are a brand.  You may not have an iconic logo, or even have a logo at all… but you ARE a brand. And personal branding is not much different from iconic branding.
The Foundation of Personal Branding
Like any other brand, your personal brand has an essence. An aroma, if you will. Your friends, family, and […]

Build A High Performance Culture By Checking In With Your Employees

Do you want to meet all your business goals? Do you want a high performance culture? When was the last time you really talked to your employees—and really listened to them?
How do they like working for you and your firm? What are they thinking these days? Do they have any new ideas? Could you be […]

The Talent Management Cycle

Strategic talent management is all about ensuring that your team and organization have the talent they need to get the job done and help the business win.
Well-meaning, but lopsided investments in talent management (TM) can be extremely wasteful. A big investment in recruiting, for example, will be wasted if all the new people you are […]

Building a High Performing Team – It’s More Than The Warm and Fuzzies

As Patrick Lencioni (author of team management books) states, “teamwork is a strategic choice.”  In fact, a high performing team can be the difference that makes the difference in terms of realizing your sales, profits, market share, customer satisfaction and engagement targets.
Frequently I hear my clients acknowledge the importance of team development, yet in the […]