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Look Deeper to Find your Next A Players

We all want a team of A Players working for us. You know, the kind that drives the business forward, improves your culture, and are the picture of your next superstar?
But How Do You Find Those A Players?
You learn to look deeper.
Diversity of skills and talents are to be expected in the workplace. We […]

Response To: Hiring for Diversity

As someone who’s hired A LOT of people in the past, Sky Northern Security Alliance’s founder and CEO, Michael Argast, had some thoughts about Robert Murray’s October blog on hiring for diversity. Here’s what he had to say:
How Do You Account For and Address Unconscious, or Prevent Conscious, Biases?
Often ‘best candidate for the job’ […]

Hire Diversity? Or Hire the Best Candidate?

Recently I was reminded of the continuous, but often conflicting, chatter I hear about meritocracy and the hire diversity balance. It has become an issue that forward-thinking leaders need to sort out.
The “Need to Hire Diversity”
In virtually every industry I work in as an executive coach, I hear about the need for a fair and […]

Welcome Shannon Pearson

Incrementa Consulting isn’t a normal management consulting firm.  We’re a group of fantastic people, with the same values and very high standards who truly enjoy working together.  Finding the right people to fit takes time.  As Bob has talked about, we strongly believe in hiring slowly to ensure a great fit into our family.
With that, […]

EQ Through a Different Lens

As a leader, I’m sure that you have heard lots about Emotional Intelligence, also known as EQ.  A lot of leaders that I work with will even roll their eyes when I bring up EQ.  They tell me that they’re tired of hearing about it. But there’s a reason we need to talk about EQ…
Get […]

4 Reasons Every Business Should Attend Incrementa’s Manufacturing Conference

Incrementa has put together 19 expert-led, free webinars to help your manufacturing business be more successful.  From hiring the right people, to operational excellence, to growth, Incrementa’s Manufacturing Conference has everything covered.
October 24-28, 2016
All sessions are online and free
Register Now
“But my business is not a manufacturing business…”
We have you covered! Many of our sessions […]

Planting an EPIC Culture

Peter F. Drucker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Spot on! However, a lot of executives and leaders I have worked with have struggled to understand what that means. Their lack of understanding is not their fault; they have been classically trained in business Schools all over the world to think and act logically, based […]

A Guide to Personal Branding

You are a brand.  You may not have an iconic logo, or even have a logo at all… but you ARE a brand. And personal branding is not much different from iconic branding.
The Foundation of Personal Branding
Like any other brand, your personal brand has an essence. An aroma, if you will. Your friends, family, and […]

The Talent Management Cycle

Strategic talent management is all about ensuring that your team and organization have the talent they need to get the job done and help the business win.
Well-meaning, but lopsided investments in talent management (TM) can be extremely wasteful. A big investment in recruiting, for example, will be wasted if all the new people you are […]

The Succession Planning Crisis

Preparing your organization for the massive retirement of the baby-boomer generation
An Urgent Challenge:
North American organizations do not have 5-8 years to make plans for replacing their baby-boomers. They have 5-8 years to replace them—approximately half of them.
There are 9.6 million Canadian baby-boomers (born 1946-1965), comprising 46% of the Canadian workforce. In 2020, just five years […]

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