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SMarketing: sales & marketing event recap

Recapping Incrementa’s Smarketing event: the relationship between sales & marketing in 2019 for unparalleled growth.

Incrementa Breakfast Club: SMarketing

Incrementa Breakfast Club: SMARKETING The art (and science) of transforming your company through unleashing the growth you’ve always envisioned

Every Business Needs Passion and Beliefs

This is a guest blog post by marketing and branding strategist Alan Speirs.
Our businesses have many differences that set us apart from our competition. We can plan, create, and strategize powerful unique factors, but could we be missing the most powerful one?
All that intellectual effort glosses over the most important tool of attraction: a central […]

Trademark – The Swift Approach

To Trademark or not to Trademark….that is the question. It is an important one when it comes to creating a brand or business. In the news earlier this year, we saw Taylor Swift looking to trademark some song lyrics, leading to much media mocking and indignation. But when business gurus started analyzing it, it actually […]