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3 Steps to Reducing Overwhelm

This is a guest blog post by Todd Kane, President of Evolved.
It seems like there’s never a shortage of things to do. How though, can you organize the endless stream of requests and to-dos? I have a few quick, actionable tactics to get you and your team feeling more in control of the work.
There are […]

Achieve Business Success with Focused Fridays

We all have a massive to-do list inside us that never gets done. Important things. Strategies, processes and methodologies, new products, templates. Projects that could change our business success.
When we’re fully engaged in the day-to-day with our business, we don’t get the chance to make them happen. The busyness of our business always seems to […]

Getting Started with Delegation

This is a guest blog post by Todd Kane, President of Evolved.
Many business owners and managers struggle with a long list of priorities and projects. This situation continues to compound itself as an organization grows. To break free from this vicious circle of compounding responsibilities, a leader must start delegating responsibilities.
When a leader leverages delegation […]

Cybersecurity: We’re at war, we’re losing, we need Simple Security

The Cybersecurity Threat
Last year I did an open Q&A on Cybersecurity for a group of CEOs. The room was filled with scared faces and stories of attacks. Every time I run into something like this, I hang my head a little.
We, as security experts, are expected to be the front lines in the war. Instead, […]

Do I Really Need to Set Goals?

‘I Have No Time for Setting Goals’
When I am coaching other executives, I often hear them say to me that they focus hard on setting direction for the business and governing the plan. However, they often confess to not setting personal goals. When I ask, “why not?” they answer: “I don’t have time for that.”
Time […]

Leadership Practice – Reflections on Leadership, Part 2 of 2

This is the final part of a two-part series on Leadership Practice.  Part one, from my January 2015 blog, highlighted the following key elements that enable effective leadership: 1) leave your ego at the door, 2) be clear and be consistent, 3) communicate often, 4) practice empathy, 5) talk to your people, all of them. 
Both lists […]


Debriefing is a powerful practice that is equally valuable for execution and employee development. This blog outlines how and why it works.
Learn to work and work to learn.
If you do not stop from time to time to ask: “Did it work?”, “Were we right?”, “Was that the best way to do it?”, then you are […]


Do you generally delay starting tasks that you enjoy? No, nor do I! The interesting thing is that if we delay doing a task we enjoy, it’s called delayed gratification (a sure measure of success), but if it is a task we dislike, then it’s procrastination. So, where should we draw the line between delayed […]

Strategy and Getting Things Done is Simple From the Eyes of a 6-year-old

Ever watch a couple of six-year-old children at play? I mean really at play… and not on some kind of technology device. It’s wonderful to see, because it’s just so easy for them!
Did you ever stop to think that the world of business actually mirrors children’s “way of play”? We adults just end up complicating […]

Being Goal-Focused Does Not Work

The starting gun fires, and the racers are off their blocks.  Throughout the race, the lead changes hands until eventually a lead pack emerges.  With only a lap to go, that pack becomes smaller, with only two or three maintaining the winning pace…
One racer breaks free and it looks like the race is his.  But […]

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