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Increase Your Productivity with Focus Time

There are several universal rules for people: death, taxes, and that “busyness” will fill every available minute.
Email, Slacks, social media, unproductive meetings all contribute to that busyness.  With all the distraction, how do you ever find time to work on projects that create value?
For many people, they don’t.
That’s been painfully evident with a couple recent […]

3 Steps to Reducing Overwhelm

This is a guest blog post by Todd Kane, President of Evolved.
It seems like there’s never a shortage of things to do. How though, can you organize the endless stream of requests and to-dos? I have a few quick, actionable tactics to get you and your team feeling more in control of the work.
There are […]

Free Security Awareness Training for Non-Profits

This article was originally published on Simple Security’s website.  Read the original article here.
Incrementa’s sister-company, Simple Security, is ecstatic to announce our support for non-profits and charities – we’re making our online Security Awareness Training free to qualifying non-profits and charities forever.
Why? Simple: we want to make an impact and help other make their impact.
The Threat
What would happen to your […]

Supercharge your Business with These Tech Tools

Over the last several years, a huge number of great technologies and applications with the potential to transform a business have reached the market. Some of these tech tools have been a great success, others not so much.
To help navigate this maze of products, we reached out to several tech leaders and asked them for […]

Getting Started with Delegation

This is a guest blog post by Todd Kane, President of Evolved.
Many business owners and managers struggle with a long list of priorities and projects. This situation continues to compound itself as an organization grows. To break free from this vicious circle of compounding responsibilities, a leader must start delegating responsibilities.
When a leader leverages delegation […]

21 Best Practices in Leadership Development

Leadership Development is Important
Research and experience show that the quality of leadership affects employee effort and productivity; the ability to attract and retain talent; customer service and retention; profitability and market capitalization. Leadership development, done well, is a powerful way to build talent, unlock the potential of your people, improve individual and organizational performance, and […]

Measuring Productivity with Paperclips

Productivity and Paperclips
I once came across some paperclips in a desk drawer. The desk was one of many pieces of furniture that were recently purchased from an auction where the assets of a bankrupt business were being liquidated for pennies on the dollar. It was enough furniture to completely outfit an office.
When I reached into […]

Being a Leader Without The Title

Do you need a fancy title on your business card to be a leader? Do you need to have the corner office with floor to ceiling windows and great view of the city? How about a company car? An Executive Assistant?
I know, you know that the answer is “No.”
Being a leader is a state of […]

Who Needs a Productivity Boost?

When I decided to write a blog about productivity I immediately did some research on the subject. I looked at a variety of different websites and scholarly articles.
There was article, after article on how to engage young employees. Fundamentally, I felt there was a missing element…and a vital one at that!
Most western countries are facing […]