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A Lesson in Meaning and Purpose

What is the “Meaning of Life?” Wow! What a loaded question.
There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when they look in the mirror and ask themselves that question. I have done it many times. I usually ask myself what meaning am I bringing to the world around me? What value am I contributing? How am […]

Mastering Your Mindset for Successful Negotiations

This is a guest blog post by FX Risk Consultant Pascale Hansen.
We all negotiate, from cradle to grave. Some of these negotiations can be life-changing in either our career or personal life. Ideally, we aim to create win-win negotiations every time, but the reality is that negotiations often get heated, competitive, or derailed because of […]

Leadership Practice – Reflections on Leadership, Part 2 of 2

This is the final part of a two-part series on Leadership Practice.  Part one, from my January 2015 blog, highlighted the following key elements that enable effective leadership: 1) leave your ego at the door, 2) be clear and be consistent, 3) communicate often, 4) practice empathy, 5) talk to your people, all of them. 
Both lists […]

Managing An Unpredictable Economy

With this unpredictable economy, every business has been through ups and downs, and they’re going to continue for the foreseeable future.
What do you do when the inevitable happens and things slow down? Panic? Sit in a dark room and bemoan your situation? Layoff your staff and close things down? Or do you take the opportunity […]

Consciously Creating Purpose And Meaning At Work

I’ve been reflecting upon my recent blogs on Laloux’s “Reinventing Organizations” and the idea of bringing our whole selves to work (emotionally, spiritually, and intuitively) and, my personal blog co-written with my twin sister about what keeps us from revealing our true selves. My query is about how we can encourage organizations to foster purpose […]

Organizational Culture and Organizational Life – Hope for the Future

In the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux, we discover a new way of creating and relating to organizations as living entities, and a call for us to bring a spiritual, soulful and conscious mindset to how we work in and interact with organizations.  Ultimately, we are positively influencing organizational cultures and our stakeholders’ experiences […]

Strategy and Getting Things Done is Simple From the Eyes of a 6-year-old

Ever watch a couple of six-year-old children at play? I mean really at play… and not on some kind of technology device. It’s wonderful to see, because it’s just so easy for them!
Did you ever stop to think that the world of business actually mirrors children’s “way of play”? We adults just end up complicating […]