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Another Brick in the Wall… My Thoughts on Integrity

For many years, I was a banker. I worked in many locations, carrying out many roles, in areas of high trust and integrity. Although it shouldn’t, when a scandal in the financial sector occurs it still shocks me.
That started me thinking about who we trust and why. How the way we view an individual, can […]

Operational Improvement is Sexy (Again!)

My wife thinks that I’m crazy…all because I feel gloomy about the economy, and yet at the same time, I feel invigorated to achieve operational improvement. Why? I’ve ridden enough financial meltdown rodeos to be able to recognise the warning signs. In case I’m right, we should start using our 20/20 hindsight and look for […]

From “Simon Says” to Leadership

There are plenty of games, like “Simon Says,” that we play as children that involve leadership. We all stretch our hands up and beg to be picked to lead the game. This trend continues throughout adolescence – wanting to choose your team at P.E. or wanting to pick the best students for the science project, […]

The Three Musketeers Theory For Business Growth

I’m going to start with this quote by Alexandre Dumas because I’m about to generalize business growth.
“All generalisations are dangerous, including this one.”
There seem to be endless opinions of the “best” formula for growth. Some want you to focus on sales. Some on strategy. Others, product, marketing or, possibly, service. Sometimes the formula is to […]


Do you generally delay starting tasks that you enjoy? No, nor do I! The interesting thing is that if we delay doing a task we enjoy, it’s called delayed gratification (a sure measure of success), but if it is a task we dislike, then it’s procrastination. So, where should we draw the line between delayed […]