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Take the Time for Your Customer Service Line

Have you ever taken the time to call your customer service line? Or tried to connect with someone as a complete outsider? I will wager that, unless you are a leader in the Customer Service department or a sales person, you have little to no idea what your customers go through.
And, I would wager again, that […]

Hire Diversity? Or Hire the Best Candidate?

Recently I was reminded of the continuous, but often conflicting, chatter I hear about meritocracy and the hire diversity balance. It has become an issue that forward-thinking leaders need to sort out.
The “Need to Hire Diversity”
In virtually every industry I work in as an executive coach, I hear about the need for a fair and […]

Poor Business Execution is a Leadership Issue

Rarely is the problem bad strategy. It’s usually crappy business execution.
When we look at a business that’s not all that it could be, because the culture is toxic or customer are turning away, the root cause is rarely a poorly thought out strategy. It is almost always, no business execution. And that is a leadership issue.
Poor Business Execution […]

Leadership Communication Do’s and Don’ts

The best leaders on the planet are known for being great communicators. They have become skilled at getting messages across to others. Messages about vision, purpose, strategy, direction, projects…. Everything! A great leader can clearly and compellingly explain to ALL members of the team what they want and expect so that everyone can easily follow.
Interestingly […]

Measuring Corporate Culture

This article was originally published on Robert Murray’s personal website.  Read the original article here.
Almost every organization on the planet these days is talking about improving their corporate culture. I truly hope (and yes, I know ‘Hope’ is not a management tool) that they are serious about it and it is not just another corporate […]

Emotional Leadership

Every human on the planet makes decisions emotionally first.  It is only after the emotional commitment that we then back up our decision with data.  This is why embracing emotional leadership is worth your time. Those that say otherwise will lie about other things too.
The Brainstem
Our brains are wired into a number of different areas, […]

Disconnect to Generate Greater Clarity and Creativity

When was the last time you came up with a brilliant, out-of-the-box idea while you were sitting at your desk?  Do you struggle to generate greater clarity and creativity?  If you are like me, the chances of you having that eureka, thunderbolt moment of creativity hit you, making you stand up in your cubicle or […]

Give Your Corporate Values a Renovation

Does your organization have the corporate values written down?  Are they posted?  Probably on the Boardroom wall or in the Reception area, right? They probably say things like; Integrity, Respect, Communication, Excellence, Customer, etc. Right?
In October of 2001, the leaders of Enron in Texas were indicted for Fraud after it was exposed that they used […]

Do I Really Need to Set Goals?

‘I Have No Time for Setting Goals’
When I am coaching other executives, I often hear them say to me that they focus hard on setting direction for the business and governing the plan. However, they often confess to not setting personal goals. When I ask, “why not?” they answer: “I don’t have time for that.”
Time […]

Personal Brands Are The Way Of The Future – What’s Yours?

Organizations spend a significant portion of their annual budget every year on marketing and branding. Large Fortune-sized companies even have departments staffed with brand zealots working tirelessly to ensure that the corporate brand is never misrepresented by employees, contractors, and partners. However, very few business leaders spend any time or effort in their own personal […]

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