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SMarketing: sales & marketing event recap

Recapping Incrementa’s Smarketing event: the relationship between sales & marketing in 2019 for unparalleled growth.

Incrementa Breakfast Club: SMarketing

Incrementa Breakfast Club: SMARKETING The art (and science) of transforming your company through unleashing the growth you’ve always envisioned

Pitching Your Ideas

Pitching a big idea, and asking for approval on the spot is very tough:

People often resist ideas they are hearing for the first time.
Asking people for an immediate decision can put people on the spot.
People tend to support the status quo when confronted or challenged.

Putting people on the spot can make them more defensive than […]

A Leadership Lesson: What Happens When You Throw Your Employees Under the Bus?

Sometimes the best leadership lesson comes from almost being fired. Here’s the story of a time that I was called into the CEO’s office, as a fairly new middle manager type in a growing company…
I was out of the office one day and received a phone call that the CEO wanted to see me right […]

When Is Revenue Growth Your Most Dangerous Strategy?

We’d like to introduce a very special guest today on our blog: #1 bestselling author, international speaker and accelerator, Anne C. Graham. She has offered to contribute her knowledge and expertise to our Grow Your Business month, and share with us: When Is Revenue Growth Your Most Dangerous Strategy?
Without further ado… here is Anne’s post: […]

The Three Musketeers Theory For Business Growth

I’m going to start with this quote by Alexandre Dumas because I’m about to generalize business growth.
“All generalisations are dangerous, including this one.”
There seem to be endless opinions of the “best” formula for growth. Some want you to focus on sales. Some on strategy. Others, product, marketing or, possibly, service. Sometimes the formula is to […]