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Poor Business Execution is a Leadership Issue

Rarely is the problem bad strategy. It’s usually crappy business execution.
When we look at a business that’s not all that it could be, because the culture is toxic or customer are turning away, the root cause is rarely a poorly thought out strategy. It is almost always, no business execution. And that is a leadership issue.
Poor Business Execution […]

Getting Started with Delegation

This is a guest blog post by Todd Kane, President of Evolved.
Many business owners and managers struggle with a long list of priorities and projects. This situation continues to compound itself as an organization grows. To break free from this vicious circle of compounding responsibilities, a leader must start delegating responsibilities.
When a leader leverages delegation […]

Mastering Your Mindset for Successful Negotiations

This is a guest blog post by FX Risk Consultant Pascale Hansen.
We all negotiate, from cradle to grave. Some of these negotiations can be life-changing in either our career or personal life. Ideally, we aim to create win-win negotiations every time, but the reality is that negotiations often get heated, competitive, or derailed because of […]

Do I Really Need to Set Goals?

‘I Have No Time for Setting Goals’
When I am coaching other executives, I often hear them say to me that they focus hard on setting direction for the business and governing the plan. However, they often confess to not setting personal goals. When I ask, “why not?” they answer: “I don’t have time for that.”
Time […]

Planting an EPIC Culture

Peter F. Drucker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Spot on! However, a lot of executives and leaders I have worked with have struggled to understand what that means. Their lack of understanding is not their fault; they have been classically trained in business Schools all over the world to think and act logically, based […]

Holistic Cycle of Strategic Planning & Execution

A good plan is nothing without execution. How do planning and execution fit together? Here is a useful map of the strategy cycle that shows how all the major pieces fit together.
I find the map to be especially helpful in clarifying where culture fits into the big picture—how important culture is both to planning and […]

Strategic Planning Be Gone!

A lot has been written about strategic planning. A quick internet search will yield numerous articles, book references, and a plethora of templates to use.   What’s been catching my attention lately though, and consistent with my beliefs, is that the “Strategic Plan is Dead” (References below).
Well ok, not really.  While the importance of thinking strategically […]