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Look Deeper to Find your Next A Players

We all want a team of A Players working for us. You know, the kind that drives the business forward, improves your culture, and are the picture of your next superstar?
But How Do You Find Those A Players?
You learn to look deeper.
Diversity of skills and talents are to be expected in the workplace. We […]

21 Best Practices in Leadership Development

Leadership Development is Important
Research and experience show that the quality of leadership affects employee effort and productivity; the ability to attract and retain talent; customer service and retention; profitability and market capitalization. Leadership development, done well, is a powerful way to build talent, unlock the potential of your people, improve individual and organizational performance, and […]

Consensus in Teamwork and Team Building

Team building is not about agreement
The biggest mistake people make when thinking about teamwork, collaboration, or team building is to assume that it’s all about agreement. Not true. Solid teamwork is not about always being in agreement. It’s about building enough trust and respect that we want to hear each other out even when we […]

Team Building in “Remember the Titans” & “Invictus”

This blog discusses two great movies: Remember the Titans and Invictus. These movies offer us great opportunities to think about leadership, integrity, overcoming adversity, change management, merging cultures, team building, and taking the high road. I am just going to share a few question for you to think about after enjoying the films.
Culture and Team […]

EQ Through a Different Lens

As a leader, I’m sure that you have heard lots about Emotional Intelligence, also known as EQ.  A lot of leaders that I work with will even roll their eyes when I bring up EQ.  They tell me that they’re tired of hearing about it. But there’s a reason we need to talk about EQ…
Get […]

Planting an EPIC Culture

Peter F. Drucker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Spot on! However, a lot of executives and leaders I have worked with have struggled to understand what that means. Their lack of understanding is not their fault; they have been classically trained in business Schools all over the world to think and act logically, based […]

Leadership Lessons Learned – with Steve Roth, VP Seaspan Ferries

Growing up as a farm kid in Alberta, Canada, Steve Roth learned early-on some important leadership lessons: the value of hard work, commitment, and follow through.
Earning a degree in Business and Physical Education from the University of Alberta, Steve pursued a career in coaching basketball. By the time he was 32 years old, he was […]

Building a High Performing Team – It’s More Than The Warm and Fuzzies

As Patrick Lencioni (author of team management books) states, “teamwork is a strategic choice.”  In fact, a high performing team can be the difference that makes the difference in terms of realizing your sales, profits, market share, customer satisfaction and engagement targets.
Frequently I hear my clients acknowledge the importance of team development, yet in the […]