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The Secret Ingredient to Create Trust in the Workplace

At work, we depend on one another to be consistent and dependable.  Both are very important attributes to building trust in the workplace.  But what about when a person is consistent AND dependable but you still aren’t able to trust?  My theory:  congruency.  Why? Because it’s how I define that ‘hinky’ feeling I get when […]

Another Brick in the Wall… My Thoughts on Integrity

For many years, I was a banker. I worked in many locations, carrying out many roles, in areas of high trust and integrity. Although it shouldn’t, when a scandal in the financial sector occurs it still shocks me.
That started me thinking about who we trust and why. How the way we view an individual, can […]

Consensus in Teamwork and Team Building

Team building is not about agreement
The biggest mistake people make when thinking about teamwork, collaboration, or team building is to assume that it’s all about agreement. Not true. Solid teamwork is not about always being in agreement. It’s about building enough trust and respect that we want to hear each other out even when we […]

Building a High Performing Team – It’s More Than The Warm and Fuzzies

As Patrick Lencioni (author of team management books) states, “teamwork is a strategic choice.”  In fact, a high performing team can be the difference that makes the difference in terms of realizing your sales, profits, market share, customer satisfaction and engagement targets.
Frequently I hear my clients acknowledge the importance of team development, yet in the […]