Mike Knapp

Technology Strategist, Project Superhero, Cyber-Security Simplifier.

Give me a challenge. A problem that needs solving. A roadblock that’s limiting your success. Like a comic book superhero, I live to rise to the challenge, work through the tough problems, and be of service to others. My journey started very early in life – building computers and writing software when most kids were playing with toys. As my passion became a career, my need to be challenged drove me. Give me bigger problems and more complex projects and I was happy.

I worked in the government and financial industry, implementing technology systems before landing at a major financial dot com who desperately needed help scaling their systems. Heaven – lots of challenges, great technology to play with, and a virtually unlimited budget.

And then came the dot com crash. With the world I lived suddenly changed, and I was forced to change with it. While struggling with the market upheaval, I learned an important lesson: technology is not the answer; it’s the tool that enables the business and team.

From there, my growth path changed. I devoured information on business process improvement. Learned the keys to successful projects. Developed leadership skills. Became involved in sales, accounting, and every other part of businesses to understand the whole picture. The more I learned, the more I listened, the more I could help.

Over the next decade, I worked with dozens of companies helping them understand how technology can be a strategic enabler and executing on that vision to scale and optimize their businesses. Today I find myself in a great position. I get to engage my passions by helping others and solving problems. At the same time, I help others down their path by mentoring technology leaders and teaching meditation. Being truly of service is far more rewarding than simply implementing technology.

How can I help you be more successful today?




The team at Incrementa impressed us from the first meeting. They quickly understood our business and challenges, then helped select and guide the implementation of a new software platform, optimize business processes and provide clarity for our team.

Marcia Nozick, CEO, Embers Staffing Solutions

The team at Incrementa helped me have confidence that I was making the right decision when selecting a vendor for my new e-commerce website. I highly recommend their services and I feel the clarity gained during the scope and review process will also save me more money over the course of the project’s implementation.

Ian Bullen, President, Small World MUSICFOLDER.com

Mike has allowed us to take the next step to truly improve our company. Mike and co have the perfect blend between vision and technical skill. We will continue to raise the bar and hope that they remain a critical part of the process.

Michael W.M. Rudd, CFA Portfolio Manager


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