Ralph Newbigin

Customer-Experience, Planning, Executor & Problem Solver and Efficiency-Driver

My journey has taken me across three continents, having worked for one of the largest International banking organizations, and affording me the opportunity to work in various roles in disparate business areas.

Working as an Executive, my leadership style is not what I’d call traditional. Let me explain: I’m not what I’d call a “charismatic” or “authoritarian” leader, but rather use a shared approach to leadership with a true belief in empowering others and leveraging my team’s strengths. As we know – there is no ‘I’ in TEAM.

What my clients appreciate is that I am:

  • Adept at identifying and implementing pragmatic strategic solutions
  • Passionate about focusing on improving efficiencies – be it processes or procedures
  • Dedicated to improving customer experience
  • Extremely focused on adding to the bottom line contribution
  • Results oriented

I love working with clients in an operational role so I can roll up my sleeves and assist in bringing forward the very change the client has envisioned for its organization. What does this look like? It is the gamut of running an organization from finances / liaising with lenders, relationship building with internal and external stakeholders, especially customers and suppliers, developing / executing new procedures and, supporting sales & marketing. As you can see, it’s all aspects of running a business and that is what my years of experience have allowed me to do – step into any and all of these areas.

Underpinning all of this is working closely with your team members and seeking to support their professional growth and development. I’ve been fortunate to work with companies operating across sectors including; manufacturing; construction; telecommunications; retail; research, environmental and professional services.

So what does all this mean? Working together, we can take your organization from good to great!

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