Robert Murray

#1 Best Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker, Transformational Leader and Business Strategist

I am proud of my journey thus far.

Coming from a farming family in Saskatchewan and working my twenties as a Red Seal Industrial Electrician taught me life skills that are hard to find in a classroom. Expertise like seeing solutions where others see problems, being able to emotionally connect with people and understand what drives them and learning how to selflessly serve others.

Getting my marketing diploma at night school while working through junior level marketing roles taught me discipline and drive.

Leadership came naturally to me as I moved into increasingly more senior roles and developing a specialty in turning around business units and then whole organizations as an executive at TELUS. I applied the skills I’d learned from my roots to engage my team members’ hearts and minds during the most challenging scenarios and achieving successful outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

I finished my corporate education as an Officer at Vodafone in Europe, one of the world’s largest companies and working on various projects in over 20 countries sharpened my ability to build simple strategic models. That’s where “Strategy Yoda” comes in.

As a partner of Incrementa Consulting, I bring together my ‘Street MBA’ to my clients, helping them to benefit with winning strategies, top line improvements, value growth, culture transformation and positive customer experience.

Along the way, I have been blessed as the recipient of three prestigious marketing innovation awards, a long track record of results and the ability to travel the world as a speaker to thousands of people each year on Business, Leadership and Strategy.

I am the #1 best selling author of “It’s Already Inside,” as well as author of “Unlocked” and “Simple Leadership – Simply Said.”

What’s next? The journey continues. Are you going to be part of it?

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