Shannon Pearson

People & Culture Strategist

Unlike many, I love change. I lean into the idea of adapting and pushing boundaries. As a certified change manager I lead that change for companies but more importantly I stand by the people impacted by change. I work within the existing culture to firstly understand it, but then direct the culture to support  and engage those being impacted. Where many want to remove emotion from business, I want to embrace and allocate it to support the ongoing health of the organization.

I wasn’t always like this. The bulk of my experience came from an environment that was tactical, cold and without emotion.

My career began in the financial industry which in hindsight has offered a solid foundation of training for evaluating corporate culture. By following a methodical process I would evaluate companies and their leaders and then present the information to my clients as a potential investment. Through this process I would also uncover the correlation between leadership and performance. Initially from a financial perspective and then, as my career transitioned to consulting my evaluation became more focused on performance from a perspective of behavior. With the financial industry as my primary training ground I gained invaluable experience which I use in my consulting today. Not only did my years in the financial industry help me to evaluate what is an effective environment, most importantly I became skilled in determining what is an ineffective environment and why.

Working alongside leadership I have helped shape processes and cultures to meet the ongoing changes companies face to stay relevant. For more than ten years I have shaped my own experience to serve a very specific purpose: the overall health of business.  Not just the performance but the way people feel as they perform their role. How they matter to the organization they work for. That feeling translates into an culture. That culture correlates directly to the overall performance of the company.

Transformation Projects

No matter the project, from minor process changes to complete corporate transformations, engaging and leading the human element is vital to success. As a certified change management practitioner, Shannon’s practical focus on leading through change reduces conflict and drives buy-in at all levels. Always focused on outcome, Shannon presents the idea of transformation to serve the best interest overall but never loses sight of the impact on each team member. Working within your team Shannon’s approach is relatable and minimizes resistance.

Cultural Transformations

A disenfranchised culture is proven to massively impact the performance of a business.  Where does a disenfranchised culture come from? A common source of a disenfranchised culture is when a company sets core values but does not represent them throughout the entire operation.

Guided by your values and who you want to be, Shannon works throughout your business to cement a culture based on trust, engagement and accountability. By assessing the current environment and understanding the long-term vision Shannon implements strategies to engage your work force and help them relate to the long-term vision through their daily contribution.

 Areas of Expertise

  • Change Management (ADKAR certified)
  • Team Building & Facilitation
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Accountability Tools



In all my dealings with Shannon, I’ve found her to be absolutely committed to reaching the best outcome for all parties.  She is adept at balancing the needs of the Employer and the needs of the employee through challenging transitions involving corporate change.  She is skillful at facilitating dialogue and ideas in an inclusive manner that supports the Company vision while being conscious of employees’ well-being.

Bruce Jackson, Union Representative, UFCW247

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