4 ways to reduce overwhelm

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In these uncertain times, I’m hearing the stress in people’s voices as they crack over the phone and it shows in their faces over video chat. We’re in uncharted waters and we’re all in it together (alone).

Here are four tips I’m sharing with business leaders to reframe overwhelm and get a handle on it.

1. Categorize topics

You and your employees are forced to weed through more information than ever before. The problem is only a fraction of it is information. The rest? Misinformation.

They’re looking for answers from you. Create a system to log all of your team’s questions – pay close attention to themes. You don’t need to answer them all alone (see point two), but categorizing them is step one in reducing overwhelm.

2. Assign leaders

Have influential leaders on your team answer those categorized questions and be the point person on the topic. Choose leaders who are strong communicators and well respected among the executive leadership team and staff.

3. Create a strategy to manage timelines

Think in sprints of time and scenario plan.

4. Create a strategy to disseminate information

Ensure the strategy shares information in an efficient and effective manner. For example, ensure employees are updated before customers.

Start by categorizing topics, assign strong leaders to support you by answering questions around those topics and create a timeline based strategy that allows you to efficiently and effectively share information.

I’m here to help always, but especially now. If you need support during COVID-19, get in touch.

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Shannon Pearson is a champion of culture and engagement at incrementa (un)consulting. She helps create high performance teams by connecting people to the organization’s DNA: it’s core values and purpose. Leveraging proven methodologies, she increases engagement and connection while reducing conflict.

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