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We’re in the worst crisis the world has seen more than a generation. The mass spread of COVID-19 is impacting everything and when we emerge from this the world will not be the same.

The Incrementa family has been busy during this time connecting with our clients and the community, helping plan and deal with this pandemic.

In our talks with CEOs and their teams, several questions and issues consistently surface:

  • How long will this last?
  • How bad is it going to be?
  • How do I get my business through it?
  • What do I do next?
  • What opportunities are there?

We’re here to help

The Incrementa Family and Community are here to help companies that are having issues around COVID-19 through this crisis.

Strategy + Leadership Support

Mike Knapp is offering business leaders a 30 minute coaching/listening/brainstorming session.

Small and mid-sized businesses should contact Mike to discuss a special COVID-19 Strategy + Execution planning program designed to reduce uncertainty, stabilize, then plot the course moving forward. It includes:

  • COVID-19 SWOT analysis
  • Weekly 1-hour remote leadership team planning sessions
  • 1 hour/month 1:1 CEO or leadership coaching
  • Program duration: 2 months

Book a 30 minute call with Mike

More from the Incrementa Community

Business leaders can reach out to our team for a free 30 minute coaching and brainstorming call with any of the providers below.

Partnered Organizations

Granted, our favorite grant-angels, are providing a fantastic weekly COVID-19 webinar series, covering a range of funding topics.

The team at Annex Consulting is organizing volunteers to help non-profits, charities and essential services organizations.  Both volunteers and organizations in need of help should contact Annex.

Strategy and leadership support

AreaExpertBooking link
COVID strategic planning
Business strategy/survival priorities
CEO support
Mike Knapp Book me 
CEO prioritization and crisis support Lorraine McGregor Book me
Survival priorities
Virtual CEO peer groups
Julia Oulton604-306-6400
Execution focus Scott Ward Book meeting 
Assistance in EOS implementationRenee RussoBook meeting
Team empowerment
Executive coaching
Likki LavjiBook meeting
Online leadership resilience videosRoger HaskettBook meeting

Sales and marketing

AreaExpertBooking link
Revenue recoveryDave Cavan Book me
Positioning and messagingMarc StoiberBook me 
Marketing and advertisingAndreas SchleichBook me
Websites and designSally BellBook me
Marketing and communications
Focus: Restaurants, Startups
Leah HopkinsBook me

People + Talent

AreaExpertBooking link
Communications planning
Mental health first aid
Shannon PearsonBook me
Organizational development Samin SaadatBook me
Life and leadership coaching Faris Khalifeh Book me 
HR consulting and executive coaching  Tasleem JessaniBook me 
Talent strategies
Leadership development 
Janis StrathearnBook me 
Executive outplacementBarry ForwardBook me 
Strategy and Leadership Support Kathy Andrews Book me 
HR strategy/workforce planning Jonathan MatticeBook me


AreaExpertBooking link 
Cash flow strategiesDave Heffelfinger Book me 
Personal financial planningPascale Hansen Book me
Payroll book keepingAmanda MungalBook me
Working capital
Government support
Joshua Tiong Book me
Prioritizing your cash flow
Preparing to access gov’t support
Tandem IG Book me
Funding resources webinarsGrantedBook me


AreaExpertBooking link
Work from home/ITScott GarrettBook me
Work from homeKevin McLeod Book me
Work from homeWim Kerkhoff Book me
Cyber-security/work from home securityDominic VogelBook me
Cyber-security/work from home securityMichael ArgastBook me
IT strategyMark OlssonBook me
Work from home with legacy systems
Custom software development
Nick OostveenBook me
Business intelligenceGreg BaergBook me


AreaExpertBooking link
Operational scalingRalph NewbiginBook me
Operational scalingHillary Samson Book me
Technology and process strategyRachel RadfordBook me
Process improvementJaap SiekmanBook me

Important COVID resources for business leaders

Canada has announced massive amounts of economic support for individuals and businesses.  This has been covered in detail on many other sites, so here is a quick summary:

Let’s get through this together and create a tighter, more powerful business community when we’re done. Stay safe and healthy.

Mike Knapp


Mike has been helping businesses achieve their goals for more than 20 years. He believes there is a better way for business owners and leaders to build their businesses and achieve their big goals. As a Gravitas Impact Premium coach, he leverages the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ to simplify the art of strategy and discipline of execution.

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