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What do you think your purpose in business is? To make money? To turn a profit? If that’s your purpose, it’s a pretty lousy one. Finding your purpose in business should be more than just financial—it’s about unearthing the passion that drives you, the spark that ignites innovation. It’s about asking yourself, “Am I making an impact that resonates and reverberates beyond the bank account?”


Mission and Vision Statements vs Purpose Statement

It’s easy to get caught up in the buzzwords and ‘fluff’ of corporate lingo — mission and vision statements that, while sounding impressive, often lack the emotional punch and the real impact that resonates with people. They tell what you plan to do and where you hope to go, but they don’t always capture the soul of your enterprise. That’s where a purpose statement comes in — it’s the heartbeat of your company, driving every decision with conviction and clarity.


Defining Your Business Purpose

We have a number of exercises we use to help uncover a company’s purpose.  With every team, we come at the idea of purpose from multiple angles to see what resonates the most.  For some, the 5 Why’s exercise is perfect.  For others, it’s about looking back at the impact you made. 

No matter the exercise, to define your business core purpose, you need to think about what lights the fire in your heart. What imprint will your leadership leave on the world? This isn’t just about lofty ideals; it’s a message that you’ll be using again and again throughout all aspects of the business.

From the C-suite to the newest intern, your purpose should echo through the halls, inspiring and uniting everyone in its wake. It’s a shared vision that everyone can rally behind, driving passion and productivity.  It is your business’ WHY.

One of the mistakes many leaders make is that they downplay the importance of emotional connection.  Humans are emotional beings.  We crave a connection that is more than a paycheck.  A powerful purpose, used in the right way, will create that connection and give your team a cause to stand with.   


Creating a Company Purpose (The 5 Why’s Exercise)

Remember being a relentlessly inquisitive child, always asking “Why?” until adults around you ran out of explanations? Channel that curiosity into your business. 

Start with “Why do we exist?”, then ask “Why is that important?” and don’t stop until you’ve asked “Why” five times over, peeling back the layers until you reach the core of what’s truly driving you. This isn’t a mental exercise in futility; it’s a method to distill your deepest motivations into a statement that captures the essence of your company’s existence beyond profit margins.


Core Purpose in Action (When Is It Utilized)

This exercise isn’t just about checking a box and putting some fancy words on the wall. 

Great, so you know your core purpose, now what? That core purpose should drive all of the major decisions you make in your company for years to come. By finding your purpose in business, you unlock your growth potential. 



If you want to find great employees that really fit in your culture, starting with purpose and connection will help create a feeling of belonging from the start. When you’re bringing new talent into the fold, your purpose statement is your beacon. It attracts those who align with your vision and deters those who don’t, ensuring a harmonious, driven team.


Communicating Internally

A purpose statement isn’t a dormant plaque on the wall; it’s the language of your company culture. It should be the undertone in every meeting, every memo, and every milestone celebrated.

Frequently ask your team for stories of the impact they’ve made and how that’s changing the world around them.  You’ll find inspiring stories you can cascade and share throughout the organization (and beyond). 


Product Decisions

Every new product or service should be a reflection of your purpose. It’s not just about what sells; it’s about what embodies your company’s reason for being and adds real value to your customers’ lives.


Strategy Decisions

Whether you’re a finance firm looking to shift from income tax work to more corporate clients or manufacturing firm looking to add a new line of production, look back to your purpose. Strategic pivots and plans should all circle back to your purpose. It’s the litmus test for every bold move and long-term plan — does it serve our fundamental reason for existing?


Interviews and Media Appearances

Your purpose is your story. Share it with pride and consistency, whether you’re on a podcast, in a press release, or speaking at a conference. It’s not just what you do; it’s who you are.


What Makes a Killer Purpose Statement

It might take you hours, days, or even weeks to come up with a core purpose that’s just a few words long. But that’s what makes it effective and powerful. When finding your purpose in business, it should feature these elements:



The beauty of a purpose statement lies in its simplicity. It’s the essence of brevity meeting depth. When a statement is simple, it’s memorable, easy to understand, and easy to communicate. It cuts through the noise and the clutter of daily business jargon and speaks directly to the core of what the company stands for.



As a leader, what kind of impact do you want to make? Does your product or service impact the masses? Small business? The environment? Focus on answering these questions will help you create a core purpose that does what it says it does. It will allow you to focus all your efforts on truly making an impact on the intended group. 


Does it Speak to Employees and Customers??

Ultimately, the test of a purpose statement’s effectiveness is whether it speaks to people. Does it resonate on an emotional level? Does it answer the question, “Why should I care?” 

When a purpose statement reflects values and aspirations, it builds a bridge between the company and its customers, fostering a deep, emotional connection.


Best Company Purpose Statement Examples

Disney – We Create Happiness

Disney’s purpose statement is a masterclass in simplicity and impact. “We create happiness” goes beyond entertainment; it’s a promise, a commitment to turning every experience into a joyful memory. It’s a statement that has steered the company through decades of innovation and storytelling, and it speaks to the heart of every person who encounters the Disney brand.


G Adventures – We Help People Discover More Passion, Purpose, and Happiness

G Adventures offers an invitation to adventure-seekers everywhere with a purpose statement that promises more than just travel. It’s a call to enrich life itself, to find deeper meaning and joy in the journey. It’s a statement that resonates with the wanderlust inherent in all of us, echoing our desire to explore, learn, and grow.


Intuition Liners- Creating Comfort

For Intuition Liners, a company that designs ski boot liners, “Creating comfort” is both a literal and figurative anchor. It’s simple, yet it encompasses the company’s dedication to enhancing the physical experience of skiers everywhere. Comfort here is not just about softness or warmth; it’s about improving performance, ensuring safety, and elevating the entire experience.


Incrementa – Creating the A-HA Moments That Transform Businesses

Incrementa’s purpose statement is a powerful reflection of what we do best—facilitating breakthroughs. “Creating the A-HA moments that transform businesses” encapsulates the moment of clarity, the pivotal insight that can pivot a company’s trajectory towards success. It’s an acknowledgement of the catalytic moments that can redefine a business’s path, and it’s a promise to not just advise but to inspire profound, actionable change.

Each of these purpose statements stands as a testament to the power of clarity, impact, and customer connection. They are the north stars that guide companies in their quest to leave a lasting legacy and make a difference in the world.

Finding your purpose in business is a journey — one that can redefine your company and its legacy. 

At Incrementa, we understand that journey. We don’t just guide; we walk alongside you, employing frameworks that encourage agility and authentic growth. Because when you operate from a place of purpose, every facet of your business becomes part of a larger story — one that we’re here to help you write.

Mike Knapp


Mike has been helping businesses achieve their goals for more than 20 years. He believes there is a better way for business owners and leaders to build their businesses and achieve their big goals. As a Gravitas Impact Premium coach, he leverages the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ to simplify the art of strategy and discipline of execution.

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