Learning Community Book Club: BE (Beyond Entrepreneurship) 2.0

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30 years ago Jim Collins began a journey to discover what made great businesses. Along the way, he wrote a number of books that line shelves of leadership and business nerds like me.

This year, he published BE 2.0, a massively updated version of the original book he wrote with his mentor, Bill Lazier. Within the pages of this book is The Map, the distilled learnings of all of his research and exploration. The Map gives the tools and steps to greatness.

For our next book club, we’re going to dive into BE 2.0.

This book is incredibly rich. Each section drives home so many lessons with an outstanding level of clarity. There’s too much for us to cover in our normal format, so we’re going to change things up a little.

This time we’re going to have all our learning community together for sessions to discuss two key topics from the book:

Level 5 Leadership – May 19, 8 AM

Tactical Excellence – May 26, 4 PM

As always, these events will be a fund raiser for our friends at the West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation.

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