Learning Community Book Club: The Advice Trap

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How would your life change if your team didn’t look to you for all the answers?

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Last year I read Michael Bungay Stanier’s “The Advice Trap”, the follow up to his fantastic “Coaching Habit”.  This book helps leaders stop falling into the advice trap and start coaching and empowering their teams to think for themselves.

If you can make this hard change, it will transform your leadership forever.  Sounds like a great investment to me!

Here’s my review from last year:

Mini Book Review

The March meetings for the Executive and Leaders learning communities will be discussing The Advice Trap.

  • Executive Learning Community:  March 17th, 8 AM
  • Leaders (and future leaders) Learning Community: March 24th, 4 PM

As with most of our events, these ones will be supporting our friends at West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation.

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