Manage change like a champion by leaning into your corporate values

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Change management is no stranger to me. Ideally, change is managed in a controlled environment with all variables considered. This ensures change is sustainable and effective.

But in times like these, where we’re uncertain what tomorrow holds, let alone the year, change management is more challenging than ever.

Even though our change management plans may not be as robust and well thought out as we’d like them, we can make it by, with the help of our corporate values.

Corporate values are bedrock in how to move forward in a time of change

Corporate values are the strongest foundation to lean back on for both planned and unplanned change.

Corporate values serve the purpose of the organization and give employees something bigger than them to align with.

They’re the support employees need through change and the rationale for employees resisting change.

What corporate values offer your teams in times of change

Your corporate values create consistency for your organization, help employees connect to something to give understanding, a sense of certainty and familiarity.

Your corporate values are more than just the platitude-the framed words on your wall. They’re the bedrock of growth and change.

Have you considered your corporate values of late and are they supporting you through this time? If not, I can help.


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Mike has been helping businesses achieve their goals for more than 20 years. He believes there is a better way for business owners and leaders to build their businesses and achieve their big goals. As a Gravitas Impact Premium coach, he leverages the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ to simplify the art of strategy and discipline of execution.

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