Webinar: Adapting Your Sales Team When There’s no Buyers to be Found

You’ve survived the initial plunge that saw sales and revenues drop significantly, and even more worrisome is that your pipelines are evaporating.  But you made the decision that your best sales people are one of your greatest assets, and your client relationships are still intact (or can be recovered).  This webinar is a long-term view from a knowledgeable sales practitioner with experience in keeping a team motivated, clients engaged, and processes effective as you consider what changes you need to make to move forward and begin to generate revenue again.

Your Speaker

Karen Meckelborg is the Founder and CEO of Fio Connect.  She is an experienced business leader who helps companies grow.   For over 25 years Karen has led companies in a wide range of industries, developing business strategy with a focus on sales and marketing leadership in Canada, the US, and the UK.  She is a recognized subject matter expert with experience in sales strategy, content marketing, building new revenue models, and in team motivation.  Karen brings practical experience that spans multiple economic downturns with companies that have had to rethink and retool their sales and marketing teams to meet the challenges of rapid change and market disruptions.

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