Webinar: Embracing Virtual Teams and Adapting the Way of Work

Due to the pandemic closures a significant portion of businesses were forced to implement virtual teams, accelerating a slow-moving trend from the past decade to an overnight fundamental change in how work gets done in the professional and “white-collar” workforce. Managers have had to find ways to setup IT infrastructures, allocate workloads, track results and change communication approaches. Tools such as Ms Teams and Zoom have experienced exponential increases in use as many of us have developed expertise and skills we didn’t know we had. What are the impacts of this change on individuals and businesses, and what do leaders believe the long-term changes might be? Has COVID-19 been the catalyst that forever changes our approach to offices and commutes?

This panel is a mix of leaders from IT, manufacturing and distribution, and HR. The experience ranges from companies with long experience at virtual work teams, to companies who have had to make the overnight change to these environments as part of their COVID-19 response, to consultancies who have helped companies make this transition.

Your Panelists

  • Dave Cavan, Growth Strategist, Increment (un)Consulting, Panel Moderator
  • Wim Kerkhoff, CEO Kerkhoff Technologies
  • Sofia Arisheh, Principal, Upskill Consulting
  • Ralph Newbigin, COO, Werkmaster


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