Webinar: How People & Culture Will Change Post COVID-19

Most agree the landscape of business is different and will continue to evolve into a ‘new normal’ because of large scale shut-downs, communities being in isolation, and people practicing social distancing.

As restrictions begin to loosen and businesses transition back to being open to the public, and in some cases bringing employees back to an office setting, there are many things to consider.

This panel will dig into the questions and considerations of both leadership and employees. Comprised of Executives in HR, Hospitality, and Law our panelists will answer some of the common questions businesses are facing. They will share their observations and best practices to set up the business, leadership & employees to THRIVE.

Your Panel

Shannon Pearson, People + Culture, Incrementa (un)Consulting – Moderator
Bev Attfield, Principal of Workplace Science at Jostle
Richard Johnson, Employment & Human Rights Lawyer, Partner, Kent Employment Law
Emad Yacoub, Owner, Glowbal Restaurant Group

Mike Knapp


Mike has been helping businesses achieve their goals for more than 20 years. He believes there is a better way for business owners and leaders to build their businesses and achieve their big goals. As a Gravitas Impact Premium coach, he leverages the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ to simplify the art of strategy and discipline of execution.