Webinar: Is Your Product a Painkiller or a Vitamin? How to Plan for the Impacts of the Pandemic on your Marketing Strategy

The impacts of surviving the initial drop in revenues and profits have left your business with a limited cash runway. You are considering the potential challenges of an economic downturn, industries that are decimated, and clients that are no longer buying everything you produce. Market conditions have driven down demand for your products, and the question is how long this will go on, and how you build scenarios that allow you to plan for several potential outcomes as you start the process of recovery.

This presentation helps to answer the question about whether your product is a vitamin, in a market where painkillers are the only things selling, and what you can do to create effective and practical plans for your sales and marketing team to manage through those challenges.

Your speaker

Andreas Schleich is the Chief Executive Officer of North Vancouver-based Romi Lab a company that provides fractional marketing leadership to teams, and execution where needed. Andreas is serial CEO and hired-gun executive. He prospers when faced with compound business problems, often finding winning solutions lurking beneath the surface. His approach to consulting applies his core knowledge of digital marketing, sales, and data analysis, paired with his formal education in marketing and international business. He is a natural leader amassing followers for over 20-years.

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