Webinar: Tightening the Belt – How to Scale Operations Intelligently

Everyone is looking at cutting costs, reducing vendors, shrinking their teams to adapt in this ‘new normal’. But when was the last time your company evaluated the efficiency of your internal processes and procedures? Process optimization can have multi-fold benefits for your company, not just improvements in turn-around time and reduced variable costs, but it can also result in an improved company culture and team morale. Operating more efficiently than before is a key strategic change every company can make to thrive in the post-COVID marketplace.

During this session, Louise will review how a detailed process analysis should be approached. Having a strong methodology in place, and involving the right team members to lead and participate in your company’s process evaluations will be important to ensuring you thoroughly identify, and implement, all the opportunities for improvement.

Your Speaker

Louise Khanjian has spent the better part of the decade as a Change Management Consultant and Digital Program Manager. Her clients have included organizations from a variety of industries, from aerospace, to mining, to financial services, and more. She has supported her clients through major organizational changes and product launches, process optimization, project implementation, and overall organizational design and improvements.

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