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Client: Silver Hills Bakery
Industry: Manufacturing

Learn how Incrementa helped Silver Hills Bakery systemize their onboarding process leading to increased employee retention and engagement.

The story

Silver Hills Bakery, a rapid growth bread manufacturer based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, engaged Incrementa to create an onboarding process for new employees.

With an upward trajectory off the charts, Silver Hills Bakery recognized the need for a systemized onboarding process to contribute to employee retention and engagement. Shannon, Incrementa’s people and culture lead, stepped in to create an onboarding process and training program.

The rudimentary program led to higher retention—new employees learned the foundational principals at Silver Hills, better equipping them for their new career at the bakery. Senior employees felt reengaged as the newly developed process created leadership opportunities to guide newcomers. Employees saw Silver Hill’s investment into people which fostered a healthier atmosphere—one where novice and experienced staff felt valued.

Silver Hills Bakery entrusted Incrementa to manage one of many paramount processes that would allow the company to continue charting its ambitious growth path.

Shannon Pearson

Shannon Pearson


Shannon Pearson is a champion of culture and engagement at incrementa (un)consulting. She helps create high performance teams by connecting people to the organization’s DNA: it’s core values and purpose. Leveraging proven methodologies, she increases engagement and connection while reducing conflict.
  • "Shannon created and rolled out an onboarding and training program to serve our commercial bakery. From day one she blended into the Silver Hills culture seamlessly. Our production and management teams were engaged instantly by her down to earth and approachable nature. Shannon’s breadth of experience served us very well given the diversity of our organization. She found a quick way to relate with employees and was able to address ongoing concerns around topics of communication and accountability as she worked alongside them in their production environment; she actually does put her own boots on the floor! We’re excited to have the tools developed for us and look forward to the ongoing impact they make on reducing turnover and increasing retention which only helps us strengthen our Silver Hills family. I can’t tell you just how much I appreciate the work she’s done with us to date and the positive impressions she’s left on all of us."
    Steve MacIntyre, Director People & Culture, Silver Hills Bakery
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