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Client: Vantage Foods
Industry: Food Processing

With deliverables that included conflict resolution and increased employee retention, streamlining of union processes, improving team work and engagement, discover how Incrementa built up the moral for this food processor.

The story

Vantage Foods, a food processor based in Calgary, Alberta, connected with Incrementa to help bridge the gap between management and employees.

Vantage Foods, a meat cutting and packaging manufacturer, found itself in a communication crisis where management expected performance and the 120 unionized employees felt disregarded with no opportunity for development.

Shannon stepped in to create a team dynamic where management would have productivity needs met and employees felt valued, with opportunities provided for advancement

The outcome of integrating Shannon into Vantage Foods was a reduction in conflict and greater loyalty among employees. Accountability became the norm for both employees and management. Communication between employees, management and departments all became more effective.

Shannon Pearson

Shannon Pearson


Shannon Pearson is a champion of culture and engagement at incrementa (un)consulting. She helps create high performance teams by connecting people to the organization’s DNA: it’s core values and purpose. Leveraging proven methodologies, she increases engagement and connection while reducing conflict.
  • "Shannon was instrumental in improving the communication throughout the facility. With improved communication the conflict reduced between departments and a better understanding of expectations benefited all. Shannon’s unique skill of approaching a difficult topic at any level of the organization and creating buy-in was demonstrated many times in her two years with us. She aligned with the corporate initiatives but always worked with the employees to extend that alignment throughout the organization. Our teams became stronger and our operating gradually improved as we gained traction with more effective communication."
    Scott Sweet, General Manager, Vantage Foods
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