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As they say, the only thing that is constant is change. (Actually, it was Heraclitus who said that).

I want to share that I’ve decided to make a significant change. It’s a little bit sad, but mostly exciting. I’m leaving my role as management consultant to pursue an incredible opportunity and will be re-entering Industry as of December 1st, 2020.

As a management consultant since 2007 I have gained invaluable experience in different industries and many companies. I have contributed to aligning teams, strengthening productivity, streamlining communication, and increased accountability. All the experience I’ve gained as a consultant has prepared me to become the Director of Strategy & Culture for a large civil construction company. My new role will provide the opportunity to focus what I’ve learned as a consultant in a leadership role while also contributing to the ongoing strategic growth of the organization.

Leaving family is never easy. Incrementa has been a support system to me in many ways while also challenging me to stretch and grow. I will miss our candor and the innate human-ness we all brought to our conversations. Thank you to my Incrementa Family, our strategic partner network, and our extended family. As much as this is an end it is not the end and I welcome the opportunity to stay in touch.

A note from Ralph Newbigin

While we’re all very sorry to see Shannon leaving the Incrementa family, we are delighted for her. It’s been wonderful to be a part of the same team as Shannon, and there is no doubt that we’ve all benefitted from her wise and thoughtful observations, not to mention her enthusiasm. Best wishes for your new and exciting career path. I’ve no doubt that Shannon’s new team will be all the better for having her as a key member of their team.

A note from Dave Cavan

We will miss having Shannon’s very human insights into how people work and interact. We’ve all learned a lot about the power of facing and dealing with these interactions and how doing that improves what teams can accomplish when working together thanks to Shannon’s passion. I’m sure the new team she is going to work with will be much better for her engagement.

A note from Coach Mike Knapp

It’s always with mixed feelings when someone moves out of the family home. There’s sadness because they’re leaving, and pride, because they’re moving on to something greater. That’s exactly the case with Shannon. I’m so happy she’s been part of the family for many years, balancing our logic and strategy with her empathy and intuition, but I’m so proud and happy she’s found a huge opportunity for growth.

Congrats Shannon!

Shannon Pearson


Shannon Pearson is a champion of culture and engagement at incrementa (un)consulting. She helps create high performance teams by connecting people to the organization’s DNA: it’s core values and purpose. Leveraging proven methodologies, she increases engagement and connection while reducing conflict.

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