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If you’re like most folks, taking time off from work hasn’t been a priority in 2020. Perhaps you had to postpone a trip, and decided to work through your scheduled vacation time. Or when you planned a staycation at home, you spent most of the time helping your kids with remote learning or taking care of a family member. Maybe you think you’ll move your vacation to 2021 and finish this year as strong as possible.

But have you considered that you may need a break to finish strong?

Benefits of Taking Time Off

While there’s no promise of a tropical vacation right now, taking time off to refresh and recharge can bring new focus and energy to your work. This goes for team members from entry level to the top.

Some benefits all workers experience when they use their PTO:

  • Regularly taking a time out from your busy schedule helps keep burnout at bay.
  • Getting out of the office (and offline) improves focus and productivity.
  • A change of pace reignites passion and creativity.
  • Focusing on your needs brings about better moods and a positive outlook.
  • You can use time off to reconnect with loved ones, and rediscover yourself outside of work.

As a business leader, there are additional reasons to ensure you take your vacation days:

  • By using your vacation time, it shows employees that time off is important and they should be taking their vacation, too. It also serves as a gentle reminder that PTO is part of their compensation.
  • Leaving your team to work on their own shows trust and empowers them to make decisions.
  • When you take significant time off, you allow employees to grow their leadership skills in your absence.

Working Hard? Try Hardly Working.

Jokes aside, we know firsthand that vacation days are not to be overlooked. Our own (un)consultants, Dave Cavan and Mike Knapp, are both self-professed recovering workaholics. Here they have a casual chat about the importance of both short and long breaks, and their impact on creativity, stress, family and more.

Taking Time Off During a Pandemic

With COVID-19 still changing how we interact with the world around us, taking a big vacation likely isn’t in the cards. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make some time for yourself to disconnect from work and reconnect with things that are important to you outside of the office. Here are a few ways to enjoy time off when travel is difficult.

  • Disconnect! Shut off your notifications and enjoy some time by yourself or with your family – without the phone or computer distracting you.
  • Get out for a walk or ride in a neighborhood you don’t visit frequently to change up your perspective and encourage adventure.
  • Have a family game night, or make it a full-day tournament!
  • Finally read that guilty pleasure book, the one that has nothing to do with work.
  • Zoomed out? Switch to Google Hangouts for a different feel and plan a family chat or friend reunion.
  • Celebrating a holiday? Make a point to plan a big meal together, including one of everyone’s favorite dishes.

We hope you’ll take a little time for yourself in the coming months and return to work reenergized and with renewed spirit. If you’re not ready to take the time you need, reach out to us to learn how Incrementa can help you build the confidence to take that time off.

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